What a massive year it has been.

Merry Christmasand onwards to anamazingNEW YEAR

What a massive year it has been.

No time to blog as I would like, no time to do sewing for me like I would have liked, no time to even watch silly movies, time to make changes.

Changes involving closing down “Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem” and Fleurs Sewing Mayhem”, time to concentrate on creating amazing clay creations, time to concentrate on getting the “Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash” to be heard about by more people, time to get the Artisan Markets happening in the hills of Perth.

Time to get my schedule a lot tighter to fit in more as I want to sew, no I WILL sew in fact. Time to get that list sorted of what to make. List is sorted for events at least, and I have 7 booked in for next year (that is exciting).

So looking forward to the new year ahead and all it has to offer.

So to all the amazing creatives out and about MERRY CHRISTMAS and onwards to an amzing NEW YEAR.



Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash (the reason behind missed blogs)

This is why my blogs do not get done as often as they should be, the Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash has taken over, from small beginnings to nearly every month somewhere around WA an event is being held.

below are some of the pictures from the days we have had in Mundaring, Bunbury, Toodyay and others are being planned as everyone has so much fun.

Miss Pouty Is With Us…

What do I say other than check out those lips, botox or not? she is fun, she is feminine, she is invisible, she is extraordinary, she is not to be messed with.

Created from a maequins face and built up from there, she had a life of her own from the eye stage on, and oh those lips I can not get over them.

Clay Mayhem alive and well…

This warrior women was a lot of fun to make.

She involved a lot of disked being made, and even chain mail being carved into her torso. a mix of glazes where combined to bring her to life and beading added after firing to give her a bit more pizzaz.

This is one of my warrior women she is up for sale on my Etsy site, get in quick whilst she lasts, as she is a one off, no two are ever alike.

Clay Mayhem Lives

Hi all I am around still, just so busy that blogs get forgotten, on the list today so lets see how we go.

This is Autumn, say hello to her divine colourings, her take on the season just gone, her majesty, say hi, and say wow that buyer had her before we even saw her 😦

I had so much fun in making this one, and even her leaves came from inspiration of the tree outside our shed we work from.

Busy Busy Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash, one year on.

It has been a long time since I have had chance to get on here and write a blog on anything, be it about clay creations, sewing or the de-stash events and even life. Tonight I am going to at least write about what has been occupying me the most, my de-stash events.

Well it is now a year in and I have held four de-stash events so far and they are just getting bigger each time, it is so awesome to see so many come together and help each other out in different ways.

We have raised money for the local bush fire brigade, helped out with collecting fabrics for  a prison release program, made bags for SARC, and currently we are raising money and goodies for Cancer Quilts Against Cancer, it has been an amazing journey.

I could not have done any of it without of the amazing people I have had involved along the way.

We are now onto our fifth event in a just under two weeks time and also we have just released an event in Bunbury at the request of the ladies down there.

thumbnail_hills-fabric-cdIt has been such an amazing time that I can not wait to tell you all about how the next one pans out.

And I shall try very hard to update my blog at least monthly with clay and sewing works for your enjoyment.

Collaberation Works – Flair Event Style andDesign, Miss-High-T, Lain Maria Pictures and Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem

maylands-high-tea-shoot-print-62Recently I was approached by Lain McKean of Flair Event Style and Design to collaberate with her and Miss High T, Lain also runs Lain Maria Pictures , she had seen my bunting posts getting around FB and so came for a chat, the result is this gorgeous set up.

And this is what they came up with between them, you could win this…

Want to win a 6 person high tea with 1 hour of photography?

We have teamed up with Miss High T and Laine Maria Pictures to give away this fantastic package, valued at $740!

Head over to Instagram on the link below to find out how to enter!

Photo by Laine Maria Pictures

After seeing this and many other great pics, I am also tempted to start using her for my photo’s, she really has the gift.