Today I wrote out a list of what I still have to sew, and all are either cut out and pinned or cut out or even worse (in my eyes)waiting to be cut out..

So here it is…

Cargoes x 2 for my son…

Shirts x 5  for my partner (he sent me out with money to buy for him)

Repair x 1 top (update more like)

Roman blind (well all done bar the cord put in and hang up, so not so bad)

Purple skirt, love this pattern so must get to it)

Purple dress and am using an old tie for bias

White pillow slip

Mum’s skirt

Mums shorts for sleeping in

Jeff’s mum’s blouse (bit of time up sleave as she must decide which pattern she likes,yay)

Blue dress for my friend Helen, to be taken in to fit her like a glove.

Pin cushion experiemnet x 7

Mask for Winter Solstice event coming up

Bedspread for my sons fathers house of skater’s theme.


So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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