Sewing List To Complete, Am I Mad Or What……Part 1 Boy’s Bedspread














Okay I have all the ingredients to make this bedspread for my son’s stepmum (he is being a pest and refusing to use the one she got for him, so asked me to make him one for their house).


The fabrics on top of the green is what I think I shall use for the characters .


This is the drawing I came up with from a photo on my son done in silhouette.


This is the pattern placed on the black striped fabric.

IMAG0207(1)A closer look at the cut out pieces and background fabric, the embroidery thread I will use around the edges to bring the design out and the bias I will edge it all with.


Shame this does not really show the true shades, all done in grey tones as per request.

IMAG0211 This is one one of the skaters sewn on so far.

I am not a big fan of grey as a use of colour but I am quite liking how this is coming out.

I shall be adding to this as I go, so you all can see how this comes together….

IMAG0381Now the wadding has been pinned to the front, now to attach with hand stitching around the figures. I am also loving having a top made for the pool table for me to lay out larger items on like this.


Close up of the hand stitching around the figure I am liking how this is going, all that is left now is backing and edging and of to it’s new home.

Now the backing has been attached and the edging, even one of my labels, will upload a photo tomorrow when there is better light to take shot with.


The backing being attached.


My label attached at back corner……photo of finished bedspread upload tomorrow.

IMAG0393 IMAG0394Here I thought I got a photo with the edges in site, oh well all complete and passed on now, hopefully they will send me a photo of it on his bed…..

Now onto finishing his rag rug, have a few inches sewn up so far, and also his curtains all pinned to sew.

One last photo to add and this is of the bedspread on the bed in question in my son’s other bedroom.



So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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