Dinosaur Inspired Curtains Finished

IMAG0395The fabric stash of old shirts to be used for the new curtains for my sons room.

As you maybe able to tell by my post’s I tend to be working on a few projects at once, all due to the thoughts running wild of what else can be created to go with what I am working on, hence the Rag Rug being created at the same time as the curtains and the Roman Blind, I will have them all completed about the same time and a fantastic room finished, I have given myself the next two weeks to get it done in as I can not stand seeing the flowered curtains in his room now.

IMAG0396The cream is the base colour for the curtains that I picked up at $5/m at Textile Traders, the grey is what is left over from the bedspread I made for him for his stepmums place, and the shape cut out is a free form volcano.

IMAG0397-1Now you can see the volcano a lot better and the red shirt cut out to form larva.

IMAG0398This is the fabric I shall use to make a couple of flying dinosaurs in the sky to complete the design.

IMAG0435Well that is one half sewn on, now to complete them.


They are now complete and hanging in his window, one big problem too much light coming through, but on a winning note the curtains I took down when I folded them up I found they had separate lining so shall unpick that and put on the back (hey anything for a sleep in right), now all I must do is finish the rag rug and work out paint colour oh and a lot of other bits for him…..




So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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