What Have I Sewn In Last Twelve Months part two

Okay time to update with a few more photo’s what I have had a go at.

DSCN0163I so love the fabric of this dress it is covered in old singer sewing machines, what more could a girl want than to be covered in her favourite machines….

DSCN0164The dress I made for my partners 40th…

DSCN0166 A great maxi dress and belt for those hot summer days.

DSCN0167And a black and white one that I added a neck strap to..

DSCN0168Same dress pattern as the sewing machine one, I finished this one using a man’s tie for bias around the bottom.

DSCN0169Yes another one, I so loved this pattern, think I better find a new pattern for this summer coming though.

DSCN0170Ah the dress I made for our first date…..

DSCN0171A nice simple house dress to throw on when it is hot out, as our summers tend to be.

DSCN0173And lucky last this dress for tonight, tis getting to cold tonight to type, and yes it is that pattern again.






7 thoughts on “What Have I Sewn In Last Twelve Months part two

So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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