Rag Rug Finished

IMAG0370Well my son is in need of a new floor rug and after looking around and not finding anything that will suit his dinosaur theme, I thought (crazily) that I would make a rag rug well after all I could use up my scraps and use color’s that are in his room, well this is 45m that I have plaited so far, it gives me a rug 80cm across, so more to do.


This is some more scraps I have cut out from old shirts and trousers, from anything I have got that is in the color scheme I am after.


This is some of the strips ironed down to 1cm from 3cm’s and some now further plaited.


Even more cut ready to be sewn into lengths and then ironed into 1cm wide strips.


Okay sewn together and ironed ready for the plaiting.


Now I thought I would try to do the plaiting at night in my free time, well as you can see Tinka my cat decided she had to have my time and lap, so I did not get a lot done.


So as a result of Tinka’s help Jeff and Stan made me a table top on top of the pool table so I need not bend over it and hurt my back. And I found a bulldog clip works well to hold in place and plat from there, I could do a meter to two meters at a time…


Ta da am pleased with how this is progressing, but will say this is not a quick job at all so if you want to make one yourself allow a lot of time.


Now this is a photo of how it will look when finished with over 60m of plaiting done, all I have left is to join it all together and put on his bedroom floor, then it’s make another set of curtains.

IMAG0416-1First part sewn, think the white fabric may have been a mistake as not very heavy duty (time will tell).

IMAG0423Progress it is at last taking shape..

IMAG0424And some more done in front of the fire this morning, best place to be was to cold to go clean the bathrooms..

IMAG0425I think it may end up larger than I thought yay will be very glad. can say one thing thimbles are a life saviour or should I say finger saviour as a I have managed to stab the back end of the needle through the middle finger a few times now getting to this point till I said enough is enough and put one on….

IMAG0508Okay I have been having issues with this, what you can not see as I have removed it is the center that ended up like a pimple on a pie crust, so I removed the white and grey all the way back to the green and stitched all down at an angle across the back so now the shape is more a n oval now and so the sewing continues…

IMAG0510Okay I have done some more, but forced to stop as I have hurt my wrist and is now wrapped up solid and not able to grasp a needle, did contemplate trying with my left !!!!..

IMAG0520And it is finished, really after 60m you would think it would be bigger, may have to do some more….


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