BurdaStyle Sewing Weekend Away

IMAG0883Here I was going to make a fabulous post and put up lots of pics of where we stayed and guess was I was having so much fun that all I managed to take was one photo of a loan emu in the field, yet there where plenty about and kangaroos to watch in the mornings.

Did I mention, no, the kangaroos on the way in to The Moondyne Convention Centre (this is where we stayed last time) there was even more than last time, could not believe how slow we had to go because of two little ones jumping in front of us, so beautiful but also so scary when we could see the bigger ones of to the side of us.

What a fabulous weekend of great food, great people and a massive amount of sewing done (yes I know you where expecting me to say wine).

Okay I took away quite a few projects to complete, two mens shirts, one dress, one skirt, one bedspread and three kimono’s ( I got given all partly made). Well I am very pleased to say I completed the dress and wore it home on Sunday (hence no photo as on the line drying), two shirts (from the toil I made my partner) awaiting him to come home and try, and I got the green part of the bedspread sewn, so over all a very productive weekend.

IMAG0902Well that is one shirt…..

IMAG0899And the second one……..

3 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Sewing Weekend Away

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