King Size Bed Spread

DSCN1044Okay okay yes I am at last getting into this one, I had better as it is for a Christmas gift. I have posted before now a pic of the concept well it has now been cut out and I am starting to sew it all together.

DSCN1045 A bit more of a view of what I have to sew together, and yes you are right they are very wavy lines, in hindsight I should not have done them so extreme, it made sewing hard work.

DSCN1046Some of the blue strips..

DSCN1047The back of the green area, as you can see many many seams as I have recycled old shirts and fat quarters and lace and what ever I had or could find in the right tones.

DSCN1048Close up of the front that I have sewn so far, I sat and worked out that for the green section I have sewn 60 meters so far and I still have the blue to go, what was I thinking, and I have not cut out the tree yet.

DSCN1054Getting to the blue section, am hoping to finish ironing it tonight so that I can top stitch or decorative stitch the seams, wish me luck…





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So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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