What Stopped My Sewing.

IMAG0911-1This is about the best reason I can say for not getting any sewing done, six tonne of soil delivered for our vegi patches, now to move it. This is to be used with all those glorious sleepers that my partner got me..

IMAG0913-1And after working in 37 degrees we now have three gardens filled with soil. I should say again yes it was 37 and yes it was very hot and it took us two days to complete what had to be done and yes we were exhausted from it all.

So now to get retic sorted and plant it all up and start enjoying fresh veg again, well after all we have  a lot of fruit trees so now for the veg yay..

One thought on “What Stopped My Sewing.

  1. rvalluri

    You may find my comment amusing. I have no interest in sewing or crafts in general. I was googling pictures to see how big a pile a ton of soil would make, and your blog came up. Your’s was about 6 tonnes, so I can estimate mine. Thank you, and have fun with your sewing and the gardening.



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