Simplicity 5933 Adjusted

IMAG0994Okay thought I would start with the finished product, yes okay pj shorts this time around and then show you some of the in between stage

IMAG0981-1And this is at the inner leg stage after I have sewn them, so many to do and no not to many changes just length and occasional colour adding…

IMAG0984-1And this is one that I added another colour strip to, wishing it was not a gift now as I really like this one.

IMAG0993Tis a great combination that I have made, now to sort out tank tops to go with them, arrrrrr she did not want them before, glad I have enough fabric left to make pockets on white to work.

And I must say a big thank you to Rachael as without her I would not have been able to finish these as I ran out of elastic, yes me of what I see a stash of everything you could imagine, oh well time to stock up I would say…



So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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