Okay I Am Back – After The Big Bush Fires

IMAG1109 Okay it has been a few weeks since we had the major fires take out our back yard two of our neighbours yards and 56 homes of local people (I still hurt thinking about them all, only consolation is everyone is alive)IMAG1111 When I look around, not just at our area but everyone’s else’s I have been feeling depressed about it all and not getting back into anything I class as normal, so I thought if I wrote a little about it all I may get to a space I can start looking at doing what I love again.IMAG1115I thought looking at some of the damage as it was will remind me how far along we have come and also as a reminder that we could have been worse of and I must look at the bright side.
IMAG1117 The good is yes we are still here…yay….even better is that the community as whole has been incredible, it has bought our street together more and we have been able to help others out.IMAG1118

This the side of our pool area, with one pool chair melted into the ground, now I can tell you trying to clean that of the pavers was an interesting experience.

IMAG1122-2 This is us putting balloons up (I did the whole street) to say thank you to the firefighters, an amazing sight to see all over the hills area.IMAG1131-2

This is what we see from the back of our place, quite different from what it was before.

The green has gone, but I know it will regrow, maybe not as lush as before due to a lot of trees and bushes being cut down, but green will be.


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So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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