Free Form Pottery

IMAG1152So very pleased to feel like I am getting back to normal and getting into my pottery and sewing next I hope. This was an experiment of laying an old lace doily on the clay and using a rolling-pin to embed it on the clay, then I used a bowl to set it in to dry…..oops forgot to say I missed a small section when I rolled it out and cut it out hence having to out an extra piece that I am thinking can be used for jam or cream or something to be put in and used……Still to go through the kiln before I work out colours to be done.

IMAG1153Now one thing I did not find in all the unpacking/packing is my spoon rest, so thought I would have a go at one, oh and never expect mine to look like everyone else’s , and the cute little of centre circle is going to be a fridge magnet, just had to use up that last piece of clay, new lot to be used next week, yay…


So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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