New Pup Ash Our Shar Pei Cross

DSCN1198Welcome one and all to our newest bundle of mischief, Ash pictured above aged 10 weeks, we have had her for two weeks and I yes yes I know I am only just getting to write about her and how she has changed things around. Oh and the child yes he is mine, home today in pi’s due to still being ill.

DSCN1200This is the three of them together on the floor in my sons room, Ash with her belly being rubbed, Dino tail wagging and Jarrah sharing the love with both of them. I should say my sons bed is on the floor due to the room being in the process of being painted and changed, so he quite happily sleeps on the floor and plays with the dogs.

DSCN1201The little girl has changed so much around, Dino was a happy dog before, now he is ecstatic and smiles all the time, he has someone to chase around and tussle with.



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