Free Form Pottery Out Of The Kiln…..

DSCN1223Number one looking down from the top, fabulous purple glaze with beautiful blue specks and black edging.

DSCN1224An angle view of the same bowl.

DSCN1225And side view of the black, you can just make out the markings around the base of the doily (I imprinted it on both sides.

DSCN1229DSCN1228Next is another low bowl with its own little bowl for putting your jam or cream on when you have scones.

DSCN1229And a closer up of all the painting I did with one hand and that my left (I am right-handed) so it was a labour of love (I think).

DSCN1221And this one I am in love with, it is to be a gift how do I part with it,,sigh…

DSCN1222A closer look.

DSCN1220And this one is more a plate due to only just being raised, the red in the centre did not come out as well as I had hoped, tad more paint next time I feel.

DSCN1230And this is one Helen is waiting to see how it came out, my spoon rest that I have been so in need of, and yes Helen the blue is more pronounced on this one.

DSCN1218And this is the big fruit bowl, bowl, whatever I choose to put in it bowl. I used a satin glaze on this one, I must admit I do prefer the gloss I think it would have made it pop more and the white has blended instead of being a feature.

DSCN1217And lucky last one from a long time ago (yes last year) that missed going through the kiln then has now been done, and I can see I have come on a long way since I started, I still like it but my finishing is far better now, my clay work smoother etc.


So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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