Childs Paint Smocks

IMAG1243My girlfriend has twins whom are turning four (well a few days ago they did) and their party is on Sunday, so she requested paint smocks for them.

I thought yay I can use up some of the scraps I have so now I have one little girls one above and one little boys one below.

IMAG1245The construction of this should have been nice and easy but those who know me will say “sure you always make it more elaborate” and yes I did, I made bias binding to finish all the edges including the large pocket on the front, I used two pieces of fabric so it was lined (got to keep that paint of clothes somehow).

DSCN1233Just some of the pieces used to make up the construction.

DSCN1235And part of the back of the boys one.

Now here’s hoping my own son does not decide he wants one made, tis bad enough my pottery class group have made hints about adult size ones after I took them in for opinions.



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