Catching Up On Old Post’s part six, okay to many to write so pics will have to do !

IMAG1408Some pottery pieces about to dry before going in the kiln, these will be used in the crazy paving area I am working on.


And an experiement in lady forms along with some odd faces for the tree stump when dry and painted.

DSCN1349 A skirt nearly finished.

DSCN1351Another skirt almost done.

DSCN1337And this beauty is being worked on slowly, as I do not understand it, but I am getting board with it, so guess I should get it out of the way.

DSCN1338And the fabric for this skirt that is doing my head in.

DSCN1352On and yes another skirt.

And yes three of the skirts are now finished, just no photo’s done, never seem to find enough time in my day to do it all, as my partner puts it, when are you not busy hmmm.

So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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