Pacman Costume For Yellow ay At School


DSCN1402Pacman eat your heart out 🙂DSCN1403What our kids ask us to do.

DSCN1396My fairly rough drawing of packman in 1D, even a set of eyes to represent the ghosts that he eats (and I promptly left the polystyrene balls at the shop). Thinking what i have measured will work, trying to keep it simple and soft as he will have to deal with it at school.



Don’t you just love how our children go “Mum you can make me a costume like Pacman can’t you ” me “yes of course” head saying what have I done now. So now to make a costume, I did try Pacman images on Google to see what others had done, hence nice and simple with a cut out circle (mouth wide open).


From concept to cut out to sew in the mouth area (I will cut a whole in this later for him to see through).

DSCN1391 Now that is sewn in, time to line up the outer edge with the casing to go around.

DSCN1393Pinned ready to go.

DSCN1395And it is done all bar trying on to work out eye space. And as you can see from the first pic he came home from school tried it on and seeing space sorted.

One very rough Pacman costume, I am happy with it as it is easy for him to wear and very easy to be made.


So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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