Pacman Part Twp

IMAG1486 A friend of mine has two boys at the same school as my son, well it is how we met, now the gorgeous gal has not been to well of late and could not think of what to do for yellow day, so I said I would make two more Pacman costumes.DSCN1414 Close up of the yellow I had to use as the felt I wanted was 90cm wide and I need 95cm,  only problem with a close up is it looks more orange now.

DSCN1416Two faces with the yes pinned and the baking ironed on, remind me not to do this again as to attach to four faces and the band to go around to me a few hours to do with an iron, a steam press would have been great.
DSCN1417Eye sewn on and faces being pinned to outer line

DSCN1419And some more of the attached parts together, an insiders view :), all that was left after this was to cut out arm holes and a square at the bottom to put it over the head of a child, and don’t forget the area to look through in the mouth, yes for the child to see.

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