Simplicity 9927

DSCN1422This is a UFO I have been determined to get to finish, all it needed was the top half attaching to the bottom, bias, elastic and hemming, not much, but.

DSCN1431This is a very old pattern that I have had floating about for a long time, a very simple one as well, as you can see from the pattern, three pieces is all it takes. So why did it take so long you may ask, well put it this way, I found other things to do, or maybe I was procrastinating about getting it done, or maybe I forgot, think that closer to the mark, as I had a good look through the sewing room and found two boxes with “Sewing Project’s” written on them, glad upon looking one was full of UFO’s and one full of more fabric, yay. So now it is done and only a few more UFO’s to go.




So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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