Outdoor Setting New Mattress and Cushion

DSCN1528I bought this fabulous outdoor chair for our yard a few months back from Lee Potter Artist and his lovely wife Sharon of Sharon Peterkin Artist (as well), both do some incredible work and am pleased that they are local artists in Perth.

So they hunt began for outdoor fabric, and I must admit there is not much out there unless you want to spend a lot of money and I did not, so i started trawling the destash sites hoping for something to come up, and guess what a very old table-cloth came, and all in the colours that I was after for this area, so scissors and sewing machine came out after getting a caravan mattress that fit perfectly for dimensions, and hey presto it looks great, I am so pleased with this one, and who would have thought to look at it, it was once a tablecloth.


2 thoughts on “Outdoor Setting New Mattress and Cushion

  1. Trisha

    What an usual chair and lovely cheerful fabric and the weather looks so nice, I am writing this in bed on dark wet morning in England, putting off getting out bed!



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