Wall Hanging (Part One)

DSCN1779Please excuse the out of focus pic, but needs must at times (trying to hold the phone up quite high to get this in, hence the shakes, oops), now to tell you about my idea, my wall hanging for our bedroom, it will cover the length of one wall, but not hanging to the floor, seeing as the bedroom furniture covers most of this, it shall have  a motor bike, a sewing machine (of course), some fish and  teapot just to quirk it up some more.
DSCN1780This is one of the fish, I have so far cut out and pinned all items onto this, next step is sewing them on, fair bit of work to do. Shall post more as it gets done.

One thought on “Wall Hanging (Part One)

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So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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