Newlook 6434

DSCN1796 I so love this pattern it allows for a personal freedom in what you do to a simple angle wrap, this time I have used a linen (from an op shop stash (buy) ) and the eagle in black came from a jumper my partner no longer liked (I did) and the brown silk is left over from a blouse I made for my mother in law.

DSCN1795This is the front view, and as you can see it has the other sides longer than the front or back, it creates a lovely swirl as you walk.

DSCN1797And this is the pattern that I used.

2 thoughts on “Newlook 6434

    1. Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem Post author

      Thanks Thumberlina,

      As to borrowing back, no chance she lives five hours drive away :(.
      I did team it with a black lace top I made a long long time ago and even had a father at school come running up from behind to tell me I looked great (nice boost).



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