Un-productive Day (for me)

Today was my sewing group day, and none able to make it, as a result I found myself not able to focus like normal and not able to get into as much as liked.

Yes I finished one apron, yay, and yes I got the scrap box sorted into one large bag for Michele to use for her dog beds that she wants to fill (should be at least a bed from them), one pile for bunting, now ironed and awaiting me to cut them out. managed half an hour of paint scraping in the pool room and bathroom as well, yes I did get the rest of the wood moved from the driveway, so that is great, just that feeling of nothing finished, oh yes I did have a go at the overlocker after it has sat there for a number of years (so that is good, right? ).

DSCN1913I did get these made today though, bandanas for the dogs, try getting all three in the same photo though.

DSCN1914And our gorgeous girl, whom would not sit in the pic with the others.


So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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