Brighten Up The Bakehouse (Retro and Vintage Inspired Aprons and Bunting)


As a lot are aware I have been sewing like mad (and no not updating my blog as I should be), the reason behind this is that I am in process of opening my own on-line store (yes my very own website), I am super excited and can not wait to show you all what is on offer, in the mean time this is a tempter for you all, some of my gorgeous aprons and what I call faded beauties, my bunting.

My Aprons and Bunting.

I am fresh and pretty, but I am not young and new.

I’ve had some adventures, before being renewed.

I’ve had sunny days as a favourite sundress.

Been a crisp, starched shirt, Dad’s Sunday best.

Or Grannies best tablecloth, set for afternoon tea.

I’m made up of fabrics that hold memories.

Today I am ready, fresh-faced, good as new.

For another life and adventure with you.

These items are proudly made in Australia made from new and recycled fabrics by Fleur from “Fleur’s Adventure In Sewing Mayhem .com”. Vintage and new fabrics combined with decorative stitching give a beautiful one of a kind apron that is uniquely yours, the bunting combines history and fun for a one of a kind re-usable decoration for birthday parties or celebrations.

Please contact me on or visit my blog to see what exciting items are in the works.


So what has everyone got to say about all of this???

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