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Custom order for an apron

DSCN3002What do I say other than, love, love, love this one.

The customer (a potter so even more special), requested an apron to fit her, in denim, tapestries, purples and lime, and this hits the nail on the head, I can not wait to see her face as I will be delivering it to her next week as I want to check out what she makes.


Peg Aprons

Did you see these that I released a little while ago on Easy, no! then why not, go check them out and tell your friends and move them on out of my store for me.

Mens Half Apron

Now you can not tell me that does not make a statement, a fabulous denim and leatherette half apron, double sided and as well, and with fabulous detailing, I am even tempted to keep this one myself.

This is a pattern I have refined from an apron my partner used to wear in his butchering days, so does it work for you?

Available on the website this month.



Another Apron

So a mans apron or a womens apron, you decide, I know I love both concepts and I love the use of gorgeous denim (and this lot came from a de-stash from a hand maiden Heart-To-Hand) and then the stitching I am in awe of it, it came out even better than I had hoped, a deep pocket is always a must, leatherette on the corners for decoration and beautiful cotton on the back.

This one you will find on the website as well very shortly.

Please let me know what you think of this latest addition.



Womens Apron Request By My Son For Nanna

So coming up in a few days is my mothers birthday and my little man (master 11) said “can we make her one of your aprons as she hasn’t got one mum” gulp “yes of course we can go look through my fabrics and sort out some you think she would like” so of he goes, fabric all over the floor (apparantly not all over the floor, I forgot the chair as well), my ordered chaos no more, oh well that can be fixed.

These are the fabrics that he chose (all vintage peices out of my stash) and what a combination, think it looks great, now for the big test, sending it to her. Should I get him to make a card as well?

New Aprons (Potters Inspired)

I have been working on some new designs of late, and this is one that am particularly proud of the very dressy potters apron. This apron is double sided and made using my own pattern and constructed from glorious denim and cotton with faux leather for details.

Who said that we can not look superb when playing with clay?

This apron will appear on my website soon, so keep your eyes open and snap it up fast.


Wow Can Not Believe I have Not Told You All


Well it is time I told you all, I opened my stores, yes stores, well web site and Etsy store. been working so hard to get to this point and they are up and running, please take  alook at them and let me know what you think.

Website is Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem and Etsy store Fleurs Sewing Mayhem.