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Wine Boxes For The Wall (Well for the toilet paper really)

DSCN1386 This is something I have had in the back of my mind for a while now, and today I found time to have a go at it, and that is to line the wine boxes with vintage wallpaper and to mount these on the bathroom wall.DSCN1387After all I really do not have the space in our bathroom for storage hence these being made.


Catching Up On Old Post’s part three Son’s Label’s

DSCN1334I have been slowly working on my son’s room and one request was labels for his boxes so he can put away and not have mum (me) growl at the mess he leaves behind.

DSCN1333 Now I have cut out squares and rectangles from left over scraps that are big enough to fit the names on i.e. LEGO.

DSCN1332And a very glam patten piece, or is that more me hoping to fit as many as possible onto what I have left.

DSCN1335And a close up of the finished project.

Simple Things To Make Life Easier

IMAG0285A long time back I labelled my boxes with scrap pieces of paper and said to myself that will do till I get to it, well finally I have done so, ten boxes all up now nicely done so I can find interfacing, patterns, zips, buttons etc…