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Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash (the reason behind missed blogs)

This is why my blogs do not get done as often as they should be, the Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash has taken over, from small beginnings to nearly every month somewhere around WA an event is being held.

below are some of the pictures from the days we have had in Mundaring, Bunbury, Toodyay and others are being planned as everyone has so much fun.


Busy Busy Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash, one year on.

It has been a long time since I have had chance to get on here and write a blog on anything, be it about clay creations, sewing or the de-stash events and even life. Tonight I am going to at least write about what has been occupying me the most, my de-stash events.

Well it is now a year in and I have held four de-stash events so far and they are just getting bigger each time, it is so awesome to see so many come together and help each other out in different ways.

We have raised money for the local bush fire brigade, helped out with collecting fabrics for  a prison release program, made bags for SARC, and currently we are raising money and goodies for Cancer Quilts Against Cancer, it has been an amazing journey.

I could not have done any of it without of the amazing people I have had involved along the way.

We are now onto our fifth event in a just under two weeks time and also we have just released an event in Bunbury at the request of the ladies down there.

thumbnail_hills-fabric-cdIt has been such an amazing time that I can not wait to tell you all about how the next one pans out.

And I shall try very hard to update my blog at least monthly with clay and sewing works for your enjoyment.

Hills Fabric De-Stash Morley

GetAttachment.aspx copy 2It’s on again, this is our second one for the year and it is shaping up to be another big one. Hope to see you there as either a buyer or seller. We will be at Morley Rec Centre the Wellington Room on the 20th August, check out the website or FB page for more details.

Hills Fabric Destash

GetAttachment.aspx copy 213043678_196890830702995_4103563054143668521_nA few, okay a lot of you may know I have been involved, okay okay organizing with the help of Neridah from EventScene a massive fabric de-stash event.160321-HFD-flyer-FINAL

Well Sunday we had the event and it was  a major success, we had 28 sellers and a few hundred buyers through the door, take a look at some of our pics from the day.13131577_1748762808688804_8155662658629523785_o13147412_1748762805355471_2131985704639439151_oAn amazing array of fabrics from, silks, leather, quilting cottons to polar fleece and knitting wool, even wool you could spin yourself, tapestry and upholstery , books about sewing and even machines for sale,everything came through though the door and more left with very happy buyers.

Stay tuned for the next one.

For Robin Her Chinese Silk Blouse Vogue V8515 Very Easy Vogue


Thought I had better update and add a picture of the pattern I am using, it is a Vogue Very Easy pattern number V8515 and yes it is very easy, with sleeves that are turned under four inches and I can not wait to make myself one up after all my other UFO’s are finished.

My partners mother asked me to make her a blouse from some beautiful Chinese silk that she had, of course I said yes, little knowing that it was going to be great fun trying to fit the pattern on such a narrow piece.

I had to take into account the one way nap also so it was face up and piece by piece, I love the way it looks now I have cut it out. IMAG0279 IMAG0280

As yo can see from above it was a jigsaw with nothing left over at the end.

I will up date this as I have sewn it all together.

IMAG0480Okay the blouse is nearly done, has a mandarin collar to do and buttons ( and yes a bad photo, on purpose, do not want to spoil the surprise for a special lady, with her seeing too much detail yet)…..

IMAG0496Tis getting closer to finish as I had a spare 20 minutes today uninterrupted, by child, dog or cat, was lovely.

IMAG0496Button whole time….

Oh no! button hole for machine and fabric not in love any more, must do by hand..

IMAG0501And a few hours later (well chatting whilst doing) eight button holes are done and buttons placed all complete.


All done, now to send it down to Albany to be worn, it has enough space to have a top underneath and a jacket over top.

I do like the collar and the cuffs on the sleeves can be turned back as they are turned under roughly four inches, gives thoughts for the next one and a different fabric inside.

Enjoy your blouse Robin….

What Have I Made In Last Twelve Months I have Been Asked

DSCN0142Okay time to come clean on how much I have been sewing in the last twelve months, I am going to randomly add photo’s to this blog as I get chance, after all I have got sewing to be done.

So above one retro apron, well there where two but one got given as a gift, very hard to part with such beautiful and fun fabric…

DSCN0144One dressing gown with a very cool japanese lady on front and on the back…….

DSCN0145Another beautiful print from the Oz Material Girls I finally used this piece after looking at it for so long.

DSCN0147yes another apron, I was experimenting with the edges, does it work????

DSCN0149Okay I can hear you all saying better photo please (next time), now this top is getting a lot of airing it goes with just about anything and with only two pieces to make it up, it and I where in love….

DSCN0150See better picture of the top now and this little wrap around skirt that I made, the fish came from a garage sale and just added that quirky bit I like..

Okay that is it for now, I have to get back to a few other project, yes that rag rug


Yes it’s that top again and another pencil skirt made from fabulous bamboo print fabric and the remains of a pair of cargo pants.


The silk from this skirt came from the first Burda weekend away and was a dress that I unpicked and it took me all day to do, labor of love you may say or what was I thinking is more like at the time.


Now this is a black version of the silk one before they both have high waist lines that sit up close to your ribs and give a fantastic curve, put the right top and heels and you are set to go.

And yes the top is made by me also, I did not like how it came out first time around so pleated it in random points so it fitted closer to the body.


Another top, back to my purple faze, always feel upbeat when wearing it.


I ended up putting a hook and eye on this top as you can tell it tis a tad revealing well unless you put a singlet under it.


Let me know what you all think so far..