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Clay Mayhem Lives

Hi all I am around still, just so busy that blogs get forgotten, on the list today so lets see how we go.

This is Autumn, say hello to her divine colourings, her take on the season just gone, her majesty, say hi, and say wow that buyer had her before we even saw her 😦

I had so much fun in making this one, and even her leaves came from inspiration of the tree outside our shed we work from.


Simplicity 9469 Shirt

Okay it is cut out (one thing I did not notice was the print ran sideways and because of the fabric it now runs across his chest, not to happy with that), and that is all I can say, I do have a deadline though to finish it by though, so best get cracking about the rest of my cutting jobs, so I can just sew sew sew and sew.

Glad to say that deadline now extended.

Mens Half Apron

Now you can not tell me that does not make a statement, a fabulous denim and leatherette half apron, double sided and as well, and with fabulous detailing, I am even tempted to keep this one myself.

This is a pattern I have refined from an apron my partner used to wear in his butchering days, so does it work for you?

Available on the website this month.



Womens Apron Request By My Son For Nanna

So coming up in a few days is my mothers birthday and my little man (master 11) said “can we make her one of your aprons as she hasn’t got one mum” gulp “yes of course we can go look through my fabrics and sort out some you think she would like” so of he goes, fabric all over the floor (apparantly not all over the floor, I forgot the chair as well), my ordered chaos no more, oh well that can be fixed.

These are the fabrics that he chose (all vintage peices out of my stash) and what a combination, think it looks great, now for the big test, sending it to her. Should I get him to make a card as well?

Birds Nest of Clay Being Put Together

IMAG1830At last I can say it is coming together, some items have now been through the kiln, the egg shells look great,the critters even more so and balls look fabulous, shall have to do some more of these.

As you can see the bird’s nest itself is from fencing we had to pull down after the neighbours horses destroyed it (stronger in place now), and I just could not see it going to the tip so a bird’s nest transpired and all it needed was its hatchlings, and those hatchlings really did leave my wondering where my mind was heading.

oh and before anyone says anything the Singer in the front was beyond saving, though the cast iron legs are okay and will be used upon some project in the future.

Free Form Pottery number ?????

DSCN1369Fresh from the kiln eight little condiment bowls and as my son put one bowl “just right for my chips mum”.

DSCN1370And a slightly different angle, these little guys are about two inches wide and about an a half-inch deep.

These where very easy to make, just a matter of rolling out the clay, cutting a circle and pulling in the sides, to create a wave effect.