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That That Quilt, A Step Closer.

This quilt is taking me forever to get done, in the last few days I have finally and I mean finally gotten the last rows of 25 squares sewn together, and that is 25 rows of 25, a feat and a half, now I must put it aside again and get onto some other sewing, like the request for a new dress (for me) and new shirt (for him), and both before my birthday.

Before I do though, let me tell you about a few of the fabrics I have used in this. The green lace for example came from an old dress, past it’s use by date but perfect for this job, th printed fabrics I have created both with screen printing a dragon that I drew up then cut into squares, the yellow is from an op shop, just a remnant that I saw had possibilities.

Stay tuned for next month as I sew each row together.


Completed Bedspread/Doona Cover “Japanese Inspiration” part two

DSCN1842Update on the bedspread that was once finished, well I decided to make a change and rather than it be a doona cover I wanted it to be a spread for the bed.                                                           So apart it came and wadding hand stitched to the front, then the back pinned and stitched with decorative stitching (used up five bobbins to do it), still wondering why I did not just get it quilted by someone else for me, done now so.

DSCN1836So now it is complete, I am happy with how it looks and hope the other half does to.