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Clay Mayhem alive and well…

This warrior women was a lot of fun to make.

She involved a lot of disked being made, and even chain mail being carved into her torso. a mix of glazes where combined to bring her to life and beading added after firing to give her a bit more pizzaz.

This is one of my warrior women she is up for sale on my Etsy site, get in quick whilst she lasts, as she is a one off, no two are ever alike.


Clay Mayhem Lives

Hi all I am around still, just so busy that blogs get forgotten, on the list today so lets see how we go.

This is Autumn, say hello to her divine colourings, her take on the season just gone, her majesty, say hi, and say wow that buyer had her before we even saw her ūüė¶

I had so much fun in making this one, and even her leaves came from inspiration of the tree outside our shed we work from.

Jewellery Re-Make Day

Due to illness I have been forced to sit and watch a movie (Dr Who (hard work that,not))and re-make some of my jewellery into some great new pieces to wear, these have all been pieces that have broken over time or I became bored with so they are now in my box of bits.

So what do you all think did I win or did I win, I think I did, these where so much fun that I want to find time to do some more, this used to be a love of mine that is now resparked (well-done being ill for this one).

Free Form Pottery Bums (yes your read right)

So the fun begins once  again on a Thursday, time to get the hands dirty, the rings and nails full of clay and a smile in place.

This time around I had two mens mannequin bottoms to play with, who could resist really, not me that is for sure. These are made from a simple process of a slab rolled out and shaped over the buttocks (don’t forget to use glad wrap or spay with canola oil before putting the clay on), then a damp sponge taken over to for the contours more, then designs rolled out, or in this case a lace doily used then my little men and women drawn all over, can not forget the love heart tattoo though.


A closer look at the details on this one, yes those little men and women are quite cheeky.


See even on this one they get up to mischief.

So tell me what colours do you think I should play with on these two.


Catching Up On Old Post’s part six, okay to many to write so pics will have to do !

IMAG1408Some pottery pieces about to dry before going in the kiln, these will be used in the crazy paving area I am working on.


And an experiement in lady forms along with some odd faces for the tree stump when dry and painted.

DSCN1349 A skirt nearly finished.

DSCN1351Another skirt almost done.

DSCN1337And this beauty is being worked on slowly, as I do not understand it, but I am getting board with it, so guess I should get it out of the way.

DSCN1338And the fabric for this skirt that is doing my head in.

DSCN1352On and yes another skirt.

And yes three of the skirts are now finished, just no photo’s done, never seem to find enough time in my day to do it all, as my partner puts it, when are you not busy hmmm.

An Attempt At No Pattern Part Two

DSCN1172Okay part tow, pocket attached on the front with a lace doily for effect.

DSCN1178Some additional points I am going to add is the lace above that will be cut to triangles to form godets on the sides.