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Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash (the reason behind missed blogs)

This is why my blogs do not get done as often as they should be, the Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash has taken over, from small beginnings to nearly every month somewhere around WA an event is being held.

below are some of the pictures from the days we have had in Mundaring, Bunbury, Toodyay and others are being planned as everyone has so much fun.


Clay Mayhem Lives

Hi all I am around still, just so busy that blogs get forgotten, on the list today so lets see how we go.

This is Autumn, say hello to her divine colourings, her take on the season just gone, her majesty, say hi, and say wow that buyer had her before we even saw her 😦

I had so much fun in making this one, and even her leaves came from inspiration of the tree outside our shed we work from.

Manequin Christmas Tree


So todays task was to get this tree made.

One of my mannequins has been given up for a good cause and I consider this one step closer to having all of my decorations hand-made.

All the items had to be hand sewn onto the fir that has gone around her waist, then tied at the back, I have since taking this photo added lights to the tree/fun and I now love its quirkiness.