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Tis Finished At Last

DSCN1112It is finally finished, it has been a long slog (see previous posts) with a lot going on at other times from garden reno, to paint stripping in the house to other sewing for gifts, but yes at long last it is done.

It has been a labour of love as it has been great fun, from using mens ties for the bias, roughly eleven meters of it and all second hand. The fabrics I used came from mens shirts and fat quarters, old lace I had and fabric from op shops.


Melbourne Cup 2012 Skirt Vogue V8425 C

DSC03460 DSC03461Okay better late than never putting my finished skirt up this is one I made for last years Melbourne Cup lunch.

The silk in it came from a dress that I unpicked, it took me a whole day to do so, and was found in a bag in a shop in Dwellingyup (WA) on my Burdastyle Weekend Away.

I have since made another one in black.

Oh and before you ask yes I made the top and the necklace, but as to pattern for the top, so long ago and so changed over time to not even remember what it started as.

The pattern show’s it sitting around your waist but I adjusted mine to sit up higher, more corset like..

Picinniny Complete

IMAG0727Now I promised ( from this to now) to show the finished product.

I had great fun with sewing this on the back seat of a bus as I travelled around the back roads of NSW following roughly 150 very old bikes, my partners bike is 102 years old for example.

Not much more I can say on this other than enjoy and night for now….

Bedspread drawing for a Christmas present….

IMAG0638-1Above is my rough drawing of a bedspread I am making for a gift for Christmas.

It will use blue’s and greens for the colour scheme and black or grey not sure as yet for the tree that is awaiting to burst into new growth.

I am using fabrics from my scrap pile as much as possible, mens shirts and anything I come across that will suit.

Thinking that I will start with a darker green at the base and work up to the sky line ever getting paler, and then the skyline will go from pale blue’s to darker as they work their way up.

This will end up as a king size bedspread that can be put through the washing machine when needed.

Necklace remake 101

IMAG0628Well from the fuzzy picture above you can see I had some bits and pieces I wanted to use up…

IMAG0640And this is what I came up with, it uses up old necklaces old beads, broaches, ribbon all manner of sorts from my Alladins box.

Garage Sale Last weekend

IMAG0428Now this is what I call a great garage sale, Guildford Cottage Curtains had a garage sale on in aid of her grandson raising some money and of course I my eyes lit up as we are in need of upholstery fabric to do ten dining chairs an outdoor loungers and a few other items.

Well the first lot of stripes are from an op same day for $1.00 partly made curtains score one.

The rest is from the massive sale and we spent I think it was $30 all up for about 20 meters of fabric and the black at the end I fell in love with and got four meters of for a dress as it is a light cotton (well you just have to don’t you.