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Busy Busy Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash, one year on.

It has been a long time since I have had chance to get on here and write a blog on anything, be it about clay creations, sewing or the de-stash events and even life. Tonight I am going to at least write about what has been occupying me the most, my de-stash events.

Well it is now a year in and I have held four de-stash events so far and they are just getting bigger each time, it is so awesome to see so many come together and help each other out in different ways.

We have raised money for the local bush fire brigade, helped out with collecting fabrics for  a prison release program, made bags for SARC, and currently we are raising money and goodies for Cancer Quilts Against Cancer, it has been an amazing journey.

I could not have done any of it without of the amazing people I have had involved along the way.

We are now onto our fifth event in a just under two weeks time and also we have just released an event in Bunbury at the request of the ladies down there.

thumbnail_hills-fabric-cdIt has been such an amazing time that I can not wait to tell you all about how the next one pans out.

And I shall try very hard to update my blog at least monthly with clay and sewing works for your enjoyment.


Hills Fabric De-Stash Morley

GetAttachment.aspx copy 2It’s on again, this is our second one for the year and it is shaping up to be another big one. Hope to see you there as either a buyer or seller. We will be at Morley Rec Centre the Wellington Room on the 20th August, check out the website or FB page for more details.

Simplicity 9469 Shirt

Okay it is cut out (one thing I did not notice was the print ran sideways and because of the fabric it now runs across his chest, not to happy with that), and that is all I can say, I do have a deadline though to finish it by though, so best get cracking about the rest of my cutting jobs, so I can just sew sew sew and sew.

Glad to say that deadline now extended.

Hills Fabric Destash

GetAttachment.aspx copy 213043678_196890830702995_4103563054143668521_nA few, okay a lot of you may know I have been involved, okay okay organizing with the help of Neridah from EventScene a massive fabric de-stash event.160321-HFD-flyer-FINAL

Well Sunday we had the event and it was  a major success, we had 28 sellers and a few hundred buyers through the door, take a look at some of our pics from the day.13131577_1748762808688804_8155662658629523785_o13147412_1748762805355471_2131985704639439151_oAn amazing array of fabrics from, silks, leather, quilting cottons to polar fleece and knitting wool, even wool you could spin yourself, tapestry and upholstery , books about sewing and even machines for sale,everything came through though the door and more left with very happy buyers.

Stay tuned for the next one.

Mens Shirts, Tempter!

IMAG2004A little teaser about some shirts I am making for the other half, and as you would expect i have had to make the pattern larger across the shoulders again, no he has not put weight on just muscle so all the other shirts I have made him now no longer fit, grrrrrrr oh well new ones it is.

DSCN1970 DSCN1971Some close up detail of decorative stitching i have added to the grey linen. Both fabrics have come from Potters Textiles, you have to go and have a look if you are in Perth.

New Platter

IMAG1858Now I have a favourite size platter at home that is constantly in use, only issue is it is getting past it’s use by date and dying a slow death on me, so before it is gone completely I thought it a good idea to use it as a template to make my own. So one doily for decoration and  a slab of clay and I have  anew platter now drying ready to go into the kiln and then to be painted in the colours we use at home, I am thinking one main colour and a few highlights only, or I will still be painting this into next year.

Roll for my partners drill bits.

DSCN1707This was a request from the other half for Christmas, and I must say it is well needed as he just got another box load of drill bits, so I am hoping this will take at least 40 of them.

DSCN1703Part way through the process of making, and with all the rest of what I am working on/finished in the background.