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Busy Busy Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash, one year on.

It has been a long time since I have had chance to get on here and write a blog on anything, be it about clay creations, sewing or the de-stash events and even life. Tonight I am going to at least write about what has been occupying me the most, my de-stash events.

Well it is now a year in and I have held four de-stash events so far and they are just getting bigger each time, it is so awesome to see so many come together and help each other out in different ways.

We have raised money for the local bush fire brigade, helped out with collecting fabrics for  a prison release program, made bags for SARC, and currently we are raising money and goodies for Cancer Quilts Against Cancer, it has been an amazing journey.

I could not have done any of it without of the amazing people I have had involved along the way.

We are now onto our fifth event in a just under two weeks time and also we have just released an event in Bunbury at the request of the ladies down there.

thumbnail_hills-fabric-cdIt has been such an amazing time that I can not wait to tell you all about how the next one pans out.

And I shall try very hard to update my blog at least monthly with clay and sewing works for your enjoyment.


That That Quilt, A Step Closer.

This quilt is taking me forever to get done, in the last few days I have finally and I mean finally gotten the last rows of 25 squares sewn together, and that is 25 rows of 25, a feat and a half, now I must put it aside again and get onto some other sewing, like the request for a new dress (for me) and new shirt (for him), and both before my birthday.

Before I do though, let me tell you about a few of the fabrics I have used in this. The green lace for example came from an old dress, past it’s use by date but perfect for this job, th printed fabrics I have created both with screen printing a dragon that I drew up then cut into squares, the yellow is from an op shop, just a remnant that I saw had possibilities.

Stay tuned for next month as I sew each row together.

Jewellery Re-Make Day

Due to illness I have been forced to sit and watch a movie (Dr Who (hard work that,not))and re-make some of my jewellery into some great new pieces to wear, these have all been pieces that have broken over time or I became bored with so they are now in my box of bits.

So what do you all think did I win or did I win, I think I did, these where so much fun that I want to find time to do some more, this used to be a love of mine that is now resparked (well-done being ill for this one).

Wow Can Not Believe I have Not Told You All


Well it is time I told you all, I opened my stores, yes stores, well web site and Etsy store. been working so hard to get to this point and they are up and running, please take  alook at them and let me know what you think.

Website is Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem and Etsy store Fleurs Sewing Mayhem.

The Eyes have It (not, can you pick them)

IMAG1856Well i started out with a fab ball that I hollowed out and put together to place swirls upon, well I started out with this in mind, the clay had other ideas, it squished upon placement on the board and I ended up with an eye hole and a half smile on one side, so what is a girl to do.

IMAG1859See what I mean, an eye and a mouth or a moth as I just wrote.

IMAG1857Now I ask can you see what my eyeballs turned into instead of round eyes?, and yes they are all sets.

IMAG1856So leave some comments if you can work out what they are!


Pot Holders For Mens Hands

DSCN1767The other half is prone to using the tea towels folded over to get pots out of the oven, so today after a bit of research I came up with the above holders for him, they work to a certain extent but not enough so I shall try again as these are not big enough for his mits.

DSCN1764The above pic is of what I used to create these, one old pair of jeans, the remains of a skirt, home-made bias and left over batting from a quilt. I so love reusing/recycling as much as possible.

DSCN1765Pics of some of the pieces that made up the pot holders.

Till next time, happy sewing.