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Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash (the reason behind missed blogs)

This is why my blogs do not get done as often as they should be, the Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash has taken over, from small beginnings to nearly every month somewhere around WA an event is being held.

below are some of the pictures from the days we have had in Mundaring, Bunbury, Toodyay and others are being planned as everyone has so much fun.


Hills Fabric De-Stash Morley

GetAttachment.aspx copy 2It’s on again, this is our second one for the year and it is shaping up to be another big one. Hope to see you there as either a buyer or seller. We will be at Morley Rec Centre the Wellington Room on the 20th August, check out the website or FB page for more details.

Notebook Covers

Four gorgeous notebook covers I have just finished for Christmas gifts, the first one is vinyl and wool (all scraps) and an old leather button, the second is also vinyl (from a chair) and the last of some great fabric that I also have made aprons from, and the last two are curtain remnants and wool, they all have notebooks inside and spares to keep each person going for a while.

Wall Hanging (Part One)

DSCN1779Please excuse the out of focus pic, but needs must at times (trying to hold the phone up quite high to get this in, hence the shakes, oops), now to tell you about my idea, my wall hanging for our bedroom, it will cover the length of one wall, but not hanging to the floor, seeing as the bedroom furniture covers most of this, it shall have  a motor bike, a sewing machine (of course), some fish and  teapot just to quirk it up some more.
DSCN1780This is one of the fish, I have so far cut out and pinned all items onto this, next step is sewing them on, fair bit of work to do. Shall post more as it gets done.

Grunge Bunting

DSCN1752So this is yes more bunting, just with a twist, it is what I call my grunge lot, it is made from mens old work jeans and I picked out the parts that had the best markings.

This will be put through the washing machine and hopefully will fray well.

DSCN1748Above is some of the stacks that I will be doing, looking at 20 flags to a length giving these approx 6.5m for overall coverage.

More Bunting from Scraps

DSCN1432Some silken and poly scraps to small for much use as clothes, unless I make a technicoloured coat, so more bunting is going to be made, add some colour to the pool area for my daughter’s birthday in a few months.

DSCN1433And the group grows. Stay tuned for more instalments as I cut more in my spare time (okay-okay okay yes I know not much of that of late).

Catching Up On Old Post’s part four More Bunting For a Cause

DSCN1348On once of the forums I look over at times a teacher from my sons school asked if anyone had any flamingo’s (um no) any Alice in Wonderland items (um no) she did not say bunting but I asked and she said yes so I made her 20m made from left overs from a dress I made, a shirt for a man and yes lots of left overs.

DSCN1347And yes it is the same pic, but have to say it I loved the red roses so much in this that it was very hard to hand over for use.