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Mens Shirts Tempter part two.

DSCN1982Woot woot finished at last, oh for just an hour or two of just sewing would have been great, instead it has taken two weeks to finish two shirts, pattern is Simplicity 9469 modified to fit very broad shoulders.

DSCN1984This is the patter, I have yet to make the trousers as no need yet, can see the day happening.

DSCN1979And then you have this one, am very pleased with these two, hope he is as well, wrapped and with a bow on top awaiting his arrival back tomorrow.


Mens Shirts, Tempter!

IMAG2004A little teaser about some shirts I am making for the other half, and as you would expect i have had to make the pattern larger across the shoulders again, no he has not put weight on just muscle so all the other shirts I have made him now no longer fit, grrrrrrr oh well new ones it is.

DSCN1970 DSCN1971Some close up detail of decorative stitching i have added to the grey linen. Both fabrics have come from Potters Textiles, you have to go and have a look if you are in Perth.

Simplicity 9469 Birthday Shirts

DSCN1823Well that is two more done nad dusted, pattern re-sized again (you would think he could stop putting on across the shoulders to make life simpler for me. NO).                                                       Have to say I could not see a shirt made from the fabric above (his choice), have to say upon completion I am quite liking it.

DSCN1822And this is the other fabric choice, very loud and proud. Think he will get away with saying “he’s in the money” with the first one and as for this one ????.


Tis Finished At Last

DSCN1112It is finally finished, it has been a long slog (see previous posts) with a lot going on at other times from garden reno, to paint stripping in the house to other sewing for gifts, but yes at long last it is done.

It has been a labour of love as it has been great fun, from using mens ties for the bias, roughly eleven meters of it and all second hand. The fabrics I used came from mens shirts and fat quarters, old lace I had and fabric from op shops.


Another Shirt Yet Again tee her

IMAG0998About to say well that’s a great shot as all I could see was the top of the table, thought I did better than that last night…

Okay this is yet another shirt finished and put aside in his Christmas pile, so love this fabric (tis craft fabric) it sewed up well did not argue as I put it together all lined up and I even managed to do extra stitch lines, though that does mean the shirt took about 200m (approx 220 yards) of thread to complete.

IMAG1000This is a close up of the collar that I used a different fabric for, kinda like the contrast.

IMAG1001And this is the back view, near perfect alignment of the birds from collar down,,,yay….

Now I know he will see this post, but will just hide the shirt, or maybe even wrap it up so he can not take of with it to wear….


Yes Another Shirt



Okay you could say this is almost safe fabric for me to be using but I do have to say had it been in a purple tonal not blue it would have been for me……..Starting to really get into this pattern, it goes together so easily .


Organised Chaos

IMAG0837Now I sat down and said to myself, list what needs making, okay tick, next pull out all the fabric and patterns, tick, next start cutting out, tick.

Well I have made a dent, all those that are bagged up are cut out and have pattern, fabric, thread and notions in waiting for me to sew. then there is the rest, tis getting there I think and then I realise not long till my daughter’s birthday and two items need doing for her and a shirt for her brother to wear out for the birthday breakfast a dress for me for the same and a shirt for my partner, arrrhhhhh what do I think I am up sitting on the laptop at 11pm instead of sewing then…tee her that’s right taking  a break to sleep.

so night world.

IMAG0836Side view of even more, oh and my tool kit…