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Busy Busy Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash, one year on.

It has been a long time since I have had chance to get on here and write a blog on anything, be it about clay creations, sewing or the de-stash events and even life. Tonight I am going to at least write about what has been occupying me the most, my de-stash events.

Well it is now a year in and I have held four de-stash events so far and they are just getting bigger each time, it is so awesome to see so many come together and help each other out in different ways.

We have raised money for the local bush fire brigade, helped out with collecting fabrics for  a prison release program, made bags for SARC, and currently we are raising money and goodies for Cancer Quilts Against Cancer, it has been an amazing journey.

I could not have done any of it without of the amazing people I have had involved along the way.

We are now onto our fifth event in a just under two weeks time and also we have just released an event in Bunbury at the request of the ladies down there.

thumbnail_hills-fabric-cdIt has been such an amazing time that I can not wait to tell you all about how the next one pans out.

And I shall try very hard to update my blog at least monthly with clay and sewing works for your enjoyment.


Simplicity 9469 Shirt

Okay it is cut out (one thing I did not notice was the print ran sideways and because of the fabric it now runs across his chest, not to happy with that), and that is all I can say, I do have a deadline though to finish it by though, so best get cracking about the rest of my cutting jobs, so I can just sew sew sew and sew.

Glad to say that deadline now extended.

Simplicity 9469 Birthday Shirts

DSCN1823Well that is two more done nad dusted, pattern re-sized again (you would think he could stop putting on across the shoulders to make life simpler for me. NO).                                                       Have to say I could not see a shirt made from the fabric above (his choice), have to say upon completion I am quite liking it.

DSCN1822And this is the other fabric choice, very loud and proud. Think he will get away with saying “he’s in the money” with the first one and as for this one ????.

Simplicity 9927

DSCN1422This is a UFO I have been determined to get to finish, all it needed was the top half attaching to the bottom, bias, elastic and hemming, not much, but.

DSCN1431This is a very old pattern that I have had floating about for a long time, a very simple one as well, as you can see from the pattern, three pieces is all it takes. So why did it take so long you may ask, well put it this way, I found other things to do, or maybe I was procrastinating about getting it done, or maybe I forgot, think that closer to the mark, as I had a good look through the sewing room and found two boxes with “Sewing Project’s” written on them, glad upon looking one was full of UFO’s and one full of more fabric, yay. So now it is done and only a few more UFO’s to go.



Simplicity 5933 Adjusted

IMAG0994Okay thought I would start with the finished product, yes okay pj shorts this time around and then show you some of the in between stage

IMAG0981-1And this is at the inner leg stage after I have sewn them, so many to do and no not to many changes just length and occasional colour adding…

IMAG0984-1And this is one that I added another colour strip to, wishing it was not a gift now as I really like this one.

IMAG0993Tis a great combination that I have made, now to sort out tank tops to go with them, arrrrrr she did not want them before, glad I have enough fabric left to make pockets on white to work.

And I must say a big thank you to Rachael as without her I would not have been able to finish these as I ran out of elastic, yes me of what I see a stash of everything you could imagine, oh well time to stock up I would say…


Simplicity 7231 Bikini and Shorts

IMAG0893Need is the master of necessity, well I needed swimwear because I turned the house upside down looking for my bathers and sarongs and found nothing.

So look what I got to make for the first time a bikini and shorts, never made swimwear before and this pattern was easy to follow and easy to make.

The fabric I have no idea of where I got it from (and I bought 4m !!!!! that’s a lot of bathers), I did go out and get myself some jersey needles, made it bliss to sew.

I thought it would be fun instead of lining it I would make it double-sided instead, and got to say the idea worked.

IMAG0895These are the shorts, now I am kitted out for swimming this weekend, with 37 due for Friday I can see all of these getting good use.

IMAG0894And the pattern..

happy sewing/swimming everyone.

BurdaStyle Sewing Weekend Away

IMAG0883Here I was going to make a fabulous post and put up lots of pics of where we stayed and guess was I was having so much fun that all I managed to take was one photo of a loan emu in the field, yet there where plenty about and kangaroos to watch in the mornings.

Did I mention, no, the kangaroos on the way in to The Moondyne Convention Centre (this is where we stayed last time) there was even more than last time, could not believe how slow we had to go because of two little ones jumping in front of us, so beautiful but also so scary when we could see the bigger ones of to the side of us.

What a fabulous weekend of great food, great people and a massive amount of sewing done (yes I know you where expecting me to say wine).

Okay I took away quite a few projects to complete, two mens shirts, one dress, one skirt, one bedspread and three kimono’s ( I got given all partly made). Well I am very pleased to say I completed the dress and wore it home on Sunday (hence no photo as on the line drying), two shirts (from the toil I made my partner) awaiting him to come home and try, and I got the green part of the bedspread sewn, so over all a very productive weekend.

IMAG0902Well that is one shirt…..

IMAG0899And the second one……..