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Catching Up On Old Post’s part six, okay to many to write so pics will have to do !

IMAG1408Some pottery pieces about to dry before going in the kiln, these will be used in the crazy paving area I am working on.


And an experiement in lady forms along with some odd faces for the tree stump when dry and painted.

DSCN1349 A skirt nearly finished.

DSCN1351Another skirt almost done.

DSCN1337And this beauty is being worked on slowly, as I do not understand it, but I am getting board with it, so guess I should get it out of the way.

DSCN1338And the fabric for this skirt that is doing my head in.

DSCN1352On and yes another skirt.

And yes three of the skirts are now finished, just no photo’s done, never seem to find enough time in my day to do it all, as my partner puts it, when are you not busy hmmm.


Melbourne Cup 2012 Skirt Vogue V8425 C

DSC03460 DSC03461Okay better late than never putting my finished skirt up this is one I made for last years Melbourne Cup lunch.

The silk in it came from a dress that I unpicked, it took me a whole day to do so, and was found in a bag in a shop in Dwellingyup (WA) on my Burdastyle Weekend Away.

I have since made another one in black.

Oh and before you ask yes I made the top and the necklace, but as to pattern for the top, so long ago and so changed over time to not even remember what it started as.

The pattern show’s it sitting around your waist but I adjusted mine to sit up higher, more corset like..

Burda 10/2012 Pattern 121 Skirt

IMAG0497-1This is going to be a very quick post, as I had cut this pattern (yes drawn it up as well) some months ago and with moving and all it has sat there looking at me quite sadly, so I got into it the other day at the Burdastyle Meetup i was having a moment when reading the pattern about putting the pockets face to face with front of skirt (tee hee)…

IMAG0498Though how I managed to cut them a different length I do not know?????

IMAG0499Zip in, lining for waist in and now to hand stitch in place, ah perfect sun shinning on my back sitting in the garden to get this bit done, shall have to look at extension lead to sew out here if it is like this again, though how much will I really get done.

IMAG0500And yes finished, now to pull out some thick tights to wear with it on the cold days coming up.



Pattern Cutting Day from Burdastyle Magazines

Yesterday i spent the day with my great friend Kate from Sewing for Sanity we decided it was time I drew up a few of the patterns from the mags she had that I had marked of to do. So..

IMAG0483Who’s mad idea was this, have you seen how many lines they put on a page….and oh by the way when they say red do not trace out the black hoping it will work.

IMAG0485Okay that is three I have done, and cut out with a rough seam allowance.

One is for a skirt with a great bow around waist (summer usage) Burdastyle mag 4/2010 pattern 111.

Then there is a top Burdastyle mag 4/2011 pattern 122 again summer.

Lucky last Burdastyle 9/2012 pattern 123 a winter top.

as to when I get chance to cut fabric out for these, your guess is as good as mine.


What Have I Made In Last Twelve Months I have Been Asked

DSCN0142Okay time to come clean on how much I have been sewing in the last twelve months, I am going to randomly add photo’s to this blog as I get chance, after all I have got sewing to be done.

So above one retro apron, well there where two but one got given as a gift, very hard to part with such beautiful and fun fabric…

DSCN0144One dressing gown with a very cool japanese lady on front and on the back…….

DSCN0145Another beautiful print from the Oz Material Girls I finally used this piece after looking at it for so long.

DSCN0147yes another apron, I was experimenting with the edges, does it work????

DSCN0149Okay I can hear you all saying better photo please (next time), now this top is getting a lot of airing it goes with just about anything and with only two pieces to make it up, it and I where in love….

DSCN0150See better picture of the top now and this little wrap around skirt that I made, the fish came from a garage sale and just added that quirky bit I like..

Okay that is it for now, I have to get back to a few other project, yes that rag rug


Yes it’s that top again and another pencil skirt made from fabulous bamboo print fabric and the remains of a pair of cargo pants.


The silk from this skirt came from the first Burda weekend away and was a dress that I unpicked and it took me all day to do, labor of love you may say or what was I thinking is more like at the time.


Now this is a black version of the silk one before they both have high waist lines that sit up close to your ribs and give a fantastic curve, put the right top and heels and you are set to go.

And yes the top is made by me also, I did not like how it came out first time around so pleated it in random points so it fitted closer to the body.


Another top, back to my purple faze, always feel upbeat when wearing it.


I ended up putting a hook and eye on this top as you can tell it tis a tad revealing well unless you put a singlet under it.


Let me know what you all think so far..


Burdastyle sewing Club weekend Away 2013 Burda Pattern Number


This is what I woke up to upon opening my curtains from my room, it was just amazing it had descended upon us during the night and it was just incredible a winter wonderland, what an amazing start to a day of sewing.

IMAG0297Now for the weekend away I chose a Burda pattern to pre-draw and fabric to cut out before I got there……


Some of my choices of fabric, pre-washed and ready to go.


One I ended up using (you do not want to cut this after a glass of wine or two).


The other I chose not from the pile I had ready to go, but a nice piece of wool that I got given and with only just enough to cut it out from.


the view from outside our sewing room at Moondyne Convention Center


A friendly outside the sewing room, I had no idea they got to be this big.


This is the top of my skirt, the clip came from a handbag that lost the plot, clips kust had to be saved.


And the top of the black skirt, as you can see being wool it attracts everything especially cat hair, and being winter I always thought that they molted less, ha ha..IMAG0273-1

This toil was also taken along for show and tell for the shirt that I made my partner.

I have also made a small mention of this weekend over on BurdaStyle Sewing Club Perth WA


Simple Things To Make Life Easier

IMAG0285A long time back I labelled my boxes with scrap pieces of paper and said to myself that will do till I get to it, well finally I have done so, ten boxes all up now nicely done so I can find interfacing, patterns, zips, buttons etc…