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What a massive year it has been.

Merry Christmasand onwards to anamazingNEW YEAR

What a massive year it has been.

No time to blog as I would like, no time to do sewing for me like I would have liked, no time to even watch silly movies, time to make changes.

Changes involving closing down “Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem” and Fleurs Sewing Mayhem”, time to concentrate on creating amazing clay creations, time to concentrate on getting the “Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash” to be heard about by more people, time to get the Artisan Markets happening in the hills of Perth.

Time to get my schedule a lot tighter to fit in more as I want to sew, no I WILL sew in fact. Time to get that list sorted of what to make. List is sorted for events at least, and I have 7 booked in for next year (that is exciting).

So looking forward to the new year ahead and all it has to offer.

So to all the amazing creatives out and about MERRY CHRISTMAS and onwards to an amzing NEW YEAR.



Collaberation Works – Flair Event Style andDesign, Miss-High-T, Lain Maria Pictures and Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem

maylands-high-tea-shoot-print-62Recently I was approached by Lain McKean of Flair Event Style and Design to collaberate with her and Miss High T, Lain also runs Lain Maria Pictures , she had seen my bunting posts getting around FB and so came for a chat, the result is this gorgeous set up.

And this is what they came up with between them, you could win this…

Want to win a 6 person high tea with 1 hour of photography?

We have teamed up with Miss High T and Laine Maria Pictures to give away this fantastic package, valued at $740!

Head over to Instagram on the link below to find out how to enter!

Photo by Laine Maria Pictures

After seeing this and many other great pics, I am also tempted to start using her for my photo’s, she really has the gift.

Festival of the trees.

aprons-bunting-and-moreThis Saturday you can find me and others down at Men Of The Trees in Hazelmere, with a fabulous event being held.This is just some of what you will see from me.

And from the rest….

St Barbe Grove Nursery will come alive on Saturday 17 September for its annual celebration, the Festival of the Trees.

Between 10am and 3pm, the Festival will feature an array of activities, stalls and talks. Highlights include tree planting, forest yoga, native trees sales, guest speakers, local art and craft stalls, children’s activities and food trucks.

There will be plenty of entertainment on offer too throughout the day, including live music at Bolt Café as well as roving performers.

So come on down and check it all out, even participate in planting a tree or two.

Sat 10am – 3pm

St Barbe Grove Nursery, Cnr. Stirling Cres & Amherst Rd, Hazelmere


Cat’s Meow

DSCN2584I thought it was time I introduced Tinka, short for Tinkerbell our big kitty, there are some days like this one when you dare to disturb ones blessed sleep and you get a look like this and others where you are the beez knees.                                                                 DSCN2583

Mothers Day Knitters Bag

I must be sweet on my other half as he asked me to make his mum a bag for Mothers Day for her knitting, one that she could cart in the car with her and that would fit a few (nearly said bales of wool, hmm they maybe a tad large) balls of wool in and her needles.

Over to the stash I headed, with a vague memory of some of this fabric left over from the kimono that I made him, and yes a win enough for the outside and for a pocket inside, the inside is lined in dark blue linen with an extra-large pocket inside for storage.

I winged this one without a pattern and I for one think it came out okay. Lets hope it passes the test of  aknitter.

More Mask Mayhem

Now that is what I call a half win, the original had purple painted across the face and around the eye sockets, I am guessing without reading my notes that i used two different firing temp paints, still a winning look though so can not discount it after all.

Another Potters Apron

Yes you could say I am slightly besotted with this idea, they work so well after all, and this one done in a lighter weight denim with a linen backing and leatherette detailing.

And yes that is a male mannequin with some great pecks on show being used, the normal male model was unavailable at the time, so needs must.

This will be on my website this month as well, so to buy this stunning piece get in quickly.