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BurdaStyle 7/2014 111A

One birthday and a request equal two pretty cool tops.



One of two tops I have just made for my daughter’s birthday, the pattern in Burdastyle 7/2014 111A  a simple top that drapes down the arm leaving them exposed and the top of the shoulder covered.

DSCN1593And this one is the one that she requested with the red lips on it, I can see her wearing it with bright red lippy and smokey eyes, tight jeans and heals to go out for a drink with her partner, and yes I agree it needs an iron put to it first.


Burdastyle sewing Club weekend Away 2013 Burda Pattern Number


This is what I woke up to upon opening my curtains from my room, it was just amazing it had descended upon us during the night and it was just incredible a winter wonderland, what an amazing start to a day of sewing.

IMAG0297Now for the weekend away I chose a Burda pattern to pre-draw and fabric to cut out before I got there……


Some of my choices of fabric, pre-washed and ready to go.


One I ended up using (you do not want to cut this after a glass of wine or two).


The other I chose not from the pile I had ready to go, but a nice piece of wool that I got given and with only just enough to cut it out from.


the view from outside our sewing room at Moondyne Convention Center


A friendly outside the sewing room, I had no idea they got to be this big.


This is the top of my skirt, the clip came from a handbag that lost the plot, clips kust had to be saved.


And the top of the black skirt, as you can see being wool it attracts everything especially cat hair, and being winter I always thought that they molted less, ha ha..IMAG0273-1

This toil was also taken along for show and tell for the shirt that I made my partner.

I have also made a small mention of this weekend over on BurdaStyle Sewing Club Perth WA