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Bernina Nova

DSCN2367Think I am in love, this little beauty weighs in at ouch that hurts to lift, and does she ever pack a punch with sewing through five layers of denim, ah bliss so wanted one like this for so long and wow she is making the mens aprons so much quicker to make, and no arguments either she just does.


Christmas Dress Newlook K6181

DSCN1721This is my Christmas dress that I have just completed, it is from Newlook Workroom K6181, it is  a Project Runway dress that I liked the look of.

I changed the collar line as it was to high up for me and the shape was just not it. The fabric came from a garage sale and cost me $2, and the lace came from a girlfriend destashing so all I had to get myself was some thread to match, happy days.

Love the use of old lace on old fabric, not happy with pattern sizing as it said to my size use a 14 really should have used an 18 for ease.

Merry Christmas everyone.

More Boxers For Him

IMAG1044A complaint, well maybe not a complaint came across the other day about not having cool enough boxers to wear, well after all where he works is 41C today so I could say it is justified. So I made him some very light weight pairs, same pattern I have used before and yes if you have been following my blog you will recognise some of the fabric, this is what I have left over from the shirts that I made him. One thing I have got to do in the not to distant future is make a button-hole and put a button on as the fly needs it, this can only be done when my machine is serviced as it is having a hissy fit at present.




Simplicity 5933 Adjusted

IMAG0994Okay thought I would start with the finished product, yes okay pj shorts this time around and then show you some of the in between stage

IMAG0981-1And this is at the inner leg stage after I have sewn them, so many to do and no not to many changes just length and occasional colour adding…

IMAG0984-1And this is one that I added another colour strip to, wishing it was not a gift now as I really like this one.

IMAG0993Tis a great combination that I have made, now to sort out tank tops to go with them, arrrrrr she did not want them before, glad I have enough fabric left to make pockets on white to work.

And I must say a big thank you to Rachael as without her I would not have been able to finish these as I ran out of elastic, yes me of what I see a stash of everything you could imagine, oh well time to stock up I would say…



Once We Where jeans Now I Am An Apron

IMAG0897We have had our kiln go capo of so we can not use it for a while, and one of the ladies in our group has a kiln so I asked what I could barter to use it, she said an apron similar to the one I use.

Well mine came from a pair of jeans many eons ago that I pulled apart and refashioned, hence I have done yet again.

IMAG0898And the end result works quite well, good for keeping the clay of oneself.



BurdaStyle Sewing Weekend Away

IMAG0883Here I was going to make a fabulous post and put up lots of pics of where we stayed and guess was I was having so much fun that all I managed to take was one photo of a loan emu in the field, yet there where plenty about and kangaroos to watch in the mornings.

Did I mention, no, the kangaroos on the way in to The Moondyne Convention Centre (this is where we stayed last time) there was even more than last time, could not believe how slow we had to go because of two little ones jumping in front of us, so beautiful but also so scary when we could see the bigger ones of to the side of us.

What a fabulous weekend of great food, great people and a massive amount of sewing done (yes I know you where expecting me to say wine).

Okay I took away quite a few projects to complete, two mens shirts, one dress, one skirt, one bedspread and three kimono’s ( I got given all partly made). Well I am very pleased to say I completed the dress and wore it home on Sunday (hence no photo as on the line drying), two shirts (from the toil I made my partner) awaiting him to come home and try, and I got the green part of the bedspread sewn, so over all a very productive weekend.

IMAG0902Well that is one shirt…..

IMAG0899And the second one……..


McCalls 7351

IMAG0845Today I finished of a shirt for my son.

He is going through a weird stage of not liking shirts with buttons, let alone button holes, so hence I bought out of my pile pattern McCall’s 7351 a pattern for pj’s, we better not tell him that though….

this is a nice easy pattern to have a go at, I took the size down from a 12 to a 10 without any issues.

IMAG0846This is the old pattern that I used, check out the little boy seeing if he is growing any muscles.

Now lets hope he likes it and will wear it after all he picked the fabric, and would be nice to see him in it for his sister’s birthday breakfast.