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Miss Pouty Is With Us…

What do I say other than check out those lips, botox or not? she is fun, she is feminine, she is invisible, she is extraordinary, she is not to be messed with.

Created from a maequins face and built up from there, she had a life of her own from the eye stage on, and oh those lips I can not get over them.


Face Mask Stump

So I thought it was time I updated how this stump is coming along, well as you and I both can see I need to make a lot more, that or paint the stump, thoughts.

I do like this statement piece in the back yard and so far so good the dogs have not knocked any from it.


Free Form Pottery, Start Of The Christmas Gift

IMAG1589 Do you not love it when the other half says “how about making some of your pottery items for Christmas gifts”, not a problem I will add it to the list (smiles to herself), really not a problem at all as I love going to class on Thursday and getting to create and chat with like-minded people.

So this week I have created as above nine flowers that will be once painted glued to a wire that i have made a hole for and that will be three gifts covered (I hope), and the item that looks like a frypan is to be another face for our tree stump, it is nearly there but I can still see too much stump for my liking.
IMAG1588And then you get these two odd balls, two more face masks, and yes again for the stump, not sure how I want to paint these as there is so much detail due to the doily that I used, oh well time will tell and inspiration I am sure will come to me.