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Pattern Cutting Day from Burdastyle Magazines

Yesterday i spent the day with my great friend Kate from Sewing for Sanity we decided it was time I drew up a few of the patterns from the mags she had that I had marked of to do. So..

IMAG0483Who’s mad idea was this, have you seen how many lines they put on a page….and oh by the way when they say red do not trace out the black hoping it will work.

IMAG0485Okay that is three I have done, and cut out with a rough seam allowance.

One is for a skirt with a great bow around waist (summer usage) Burdastyle mag 4/2010 pattern 111.

Then there is a top Burdastyle mag 4/2011 pattern 122 again summer.

Lucky last Burdastyle 9/2012 pattern 123 a winter top.

as to when I get chance to cut fabric out for these, your guess is as good as mine.