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Custom order for an apron

DSCN3002What do I say other than, love, love, love this one.

The customer (a potter so even more special), requested an apron to fit her, in denim, tapestries, purples and lime, and this hits the nail on the head, I can not wait to see her face as I will be delivering it to her next week as I want to check out what she makes.


Peg Aprons

Did you see these that I released a little while ago on Easy, no! then why not, go check them out and tell your friends and move them on out of my store for me.

Seem Ripper

Just how stunning is this seam ripper, created by Jack McGee of Gr8 Oars it arrived within days of ordering and at just $35 plus postage, a mere $2.50, how could I say no.

Send him a message about these as they do not show up on his shop yet (yes I had insider knowledge, we along with half of the Etsy community).

This one is going to be around for many years to come.


New Venture With Dee

DSCN2783Recently one of my girlfriends (Lisa) put me and one of her girlfriends together for a cuppa, some hows later we had come up with a new business idea, this is a teaser of what is to come, our proto type.


Simplicity 9469 Shirt

Okay it is cut out (one thing I did not notice was the print ran sideways and because of the fabric it now runs across his chest, not to happy with that), and that is all I can say, I do have a deadline though to finish it by though, so best get cracking about the rest of my cutting jobs, so I can just sew sew sew and sew.

Glad to say that deadline now extended.


That That Quilt, A Step Closer.

This quilt is taking me forever to get done, in the last few days I have finally and I mean finally gotten the last rows of 25 squares sewn together, and that is 25 rows of 25, a feat and a half, now I must put it aside again and get onto some other sewing, like the request for a new dress (for me) and new shirt (for him), and both before my birthday.

Before I do though, let me tell you about a few of the fabrics I have used in this. The green lace for example came from an old dress, past it’s use by date but perfect for this job, th printed fabrics I have created both with screen printing a dragon that I drew up then cut into squares, the yellow is from an op shop, just a remnant that I saw had possibilities.

Stay tuned for next month as I sew each row together.


Mothers Day Knitters Bag

I must be sweet on my other half as he asked me to make his mum a bag for Mothers Day for her knitting, one that she could cart in the car with her and that would fit a few (nearly said bales of wool, hmm they maybe a tad large) balls of wool in and her needles.

Over to the stash I headed, with a vague memory of some of this fabric left over from the kimono that I made him, and yes a win enough for the outside and for a pocket inside, the inside is lined in dark blue linen with an extra-large pocket inside for storage.

I winged this one without a pattern and I for one think it came out okay. Lets hope it passes the test of  aknitter.