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McCalls 7351

IMAG0845Today I finished of a shirt for my son.

He is going through a weird stage of not liking shirts with buttons, let alone button holes, so hence I bought out of my pile pattern McCall’s 7351 a pattern for pj’s, we better not tell him that though….

this is a nice easy pattern to have a go at, I took the size down from a 12 to a 10 without any issues.

IMAG0846This is the old pattern that I used, check out the little boy seeing if he is growing any muscles.

Now lets hope he likes it and will wear it after all he picked the fabric, and would be nice to see him in it for his sister’s birthday breakfast.



Burda 10/2012 Pattern 121 Skirt

IMAG0497-1This is going to be a very quick post, as I had cut this pattern (yes drawn it up as well) some months ago and with moving and all it has sat there looking at me quite sadly, so I got into it the other day at the Burdastyle Meetup i was having a moment when reading the pattern about putting the pockets face to face with front of skirt (tee hee)…

IMAG0498Though how I managed to cut them a different length I do not know?????

IMAG0499Zip in, lining for waist in and now to hand stitch in place, ah perfect sun shinning on my back sitting in the garden to get this bit done, shall have to look at extension lead to sew out here if it is like this again, though how much will I really get done.

IMAG0500And yes finished, now to pull out some thick tights to wear with it on the cold days coming up.


Garage Sale bonanza

IMAG0149 On Sunday i stopped at a garage sale that really did not look promising, should really not think that way as I came out with two old pairs of gloves in mint condition complete with there bags. They have beautiful pearl buttons to do them up and can tell you they would not fit on my 8 year old sons hands, how times and sizes have changed….

IMAG0150 I also came out with these hankies and hand painted silk and wool scarves, most of the hankies still have stickers on them (so never used) a few have small fold marks, but I think most came home where put away and forgotten……