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Melbourne Cup 2012 Skirt Vogue V8425 C

DSC03460 DSC03461Okay better late than never putting my finished skirt up this is one I made for last years Melbourne Cup lunch.

The silk in it came from a dress that I unpicked, it took me a whole day to do so, and was found in a bag in a shop in Dwellingyup (WA) on my Burdastyle Weekend Away.

I have since made another one in black.

Oh and before you ask yes I made the top and the necklace, but as to pattern for the top, so long ago and so changed over time to not even remember what it started as.

The pattern show’s it sitting around your waist but I adjusted mine to sit up higher, more corset like..


For Robin Her Chinese Silk Blouse Vogue V8515 Very Easy Vogue


Thought I had better update and add a picture of the pattern I am using, it is a Vogue Very Easy pattern number V8515 and yes it is very easy, with sleeves that are turned under four inches and I can not wait to make myself one up after all my other UFO’s are finished.

My partners mother asked me to make her a blouse from some beautiful Chinese silk that she had, of course I said yes, little knowing that it was going to be great fun trying to fit the pattern on such a narrow piece.

I had to take into account the one way nap also so it was face up and piece by piece, I love the way it looks now I have cut it out. IMAG0279 IMAG0280

As yo can see from above it was a jigsaw with nothing left over at the end.

I will up date this as I have sewn it all together.

IMAG0480Okay the blouse is nearly done, has a mandarin collar to do and buttons ( and yes a bad photo, on purpose, do not want to spoil the surprise for a special lady, with her seeing too much detail yet)…..

IMAG0496Tis getting closer to finish as I had a spare 20 minutes today uninterrupted, by child, dog or cat, was lovely.

IMAG0496Button whole time….

Oh no! button hole for machine and fabric not in love any more, must do by hand..

IMAG0501And a few hours later (well chatting whilst doing) eight button holes are done and buttons placed all complete.


All done, now to send it down to Albany to be worn, it has enough space to have a top underneath and a jacket over top.

I do like the collar and the cuffs on the sleeves can be turned back as they are turned under roughly four inches, gives thoughts for the next one and a different fabric inside.

Enjoy your blouse Robin….

Pattern Pyramid Win Thanks to The Curious Kiwi change of date…

I have just won the latest pattern pyramid competition with thanks to The Curious Kiwi.

The patterns arrived a few days ago, but with moving there has not been a chance to show them of as yet, now I can and also I can pass on the competition to others to have a go at.

I would also like to say thank you for my cute card that came with the patterns so thank you Mel….how cute is this…


Below is some info about the competition that I entered and will be continuing myself once my patterns have arrived and I work out what one from my collection to add to the stash.

Here are your rules:

  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can enter by leaving a comment on this post by 16/09/2013   midnight W.S.T   but you must have an active blog.
  • I will randomly select one winner and post them the collection of 6 patterns.
  • That person will then pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own give-away. They will randomly select a winner to post the remaining patterns to.
  • And so it goes on until there is a last pattern winner…you get the idea.
  • Some people like to replace the pattern they are taking with another from their stash, this keeps the pyramid going longer, but is not compulsory.

Now I have decided to keep the Cynthia Rowley as I have not yet unearthed the box of patterns with this one in, well after all I have only gotten everything out of storage and only a tad of it is sorted yet, I think Christmas has come early as I have so much fabric coming out of boxes so far, glad I made that resolution.


Now I have added one to the collection myself, just to keep it going longer and it is a Vogue pattern called Kasper.


I love to get your feed back so use the form below….