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Miss Pouty Is With Us…

What do I say other than check out those lips, botox or not? she is fun, she is feminine, she is invisible, she is extraordinary, she is not to be messed with.

Created from a maequins face and built up from there, she had a life of her own from the eye stage on, and oh those lips I can not get over them.


More ClayMayhem

More of the wonder that awaits on the new Etsy shop ClayMayhem, some glorious masks and a butt near completion.

Wall Mural Complete

DSCN1799A little while ago I posted about making a wall mural for our Valentines Day gift. Well I am pleased to say it is complete, and yes by the date I chose to have it done, it has only taken a little while to be put up due to the other half having to make wall brackets to suit (yes welding etc) and then us both having that free time to put it up, now I is in place I love, and can not wait to get the new bedspread completed (started on Wednesday).